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What's new?

  • MyDrive application, easier way to manage your files and permalinks

  • Multi-languages. Full support for gdriveurl-flag-de gdriveurl-flag-en gdriveurl-flag-fr gdriveurl-flag-it  and other languages coming soon

  • Explore page lets you surf through the public conversions of other people

  • Activity wall shows public conversions in real time

  • Full support for netbooks, tablets and smartphones

  • Shorter and more performant links, made with Google Shorten API


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Google Drive direct permalinks instructions


Step 1

Select the files you need and click on the "Share" button


Step 2

On the showing up window, press "Change" under the voice "Who has access"


Step 3

Chose "Public on the web" and press "Save"


Step 4

Copy "Link to share", paste it in the text field and press "Direct link"

Jeff Mode